Diros OWL URF-3AP (ML) & MLA-4


Pain management is the discipline concerned with the relief of pain. Chronic pain often results from conditions that are difficult to diagnose and treat, and that may take a long time to reverse. Some examples include mechanical pain, cancer, neuropathy and referred pain. DTI- Diros Technology Inc. is committed to providing innovative solutions to pain management through the use of OWL Radiofrequency (RF) Generators and Pain Management accessories.


Neurosurgery is the surgical discipline focused on treating those central and peripheral nervous system diseases amenable to mechanical intervention. As such it encompasses the surgical, non-surgical and radiosurgical treatment of patients with disorders of the nervous system. DTI- Diros Technology Inc. has established an outstanding reputation spanning over 30 years for equipping surgeons with the latest Radiofrequency (RF) Generators and instruments for this essential field.


Radiofrequency (RF) Lesioning techniques have gained almost universal acceptance as the procedure of choice for minimally invasive treatment of pain disorders. In the RF process a qualified physician will use radiofrequency waves produced by a generator to isolate and ablate the nerve responsible for transmitting the pain message. DTI- Diros Technology Inc. remains committed to leadership in research, development, and distribution of Radiofrequency Generators and RF accessories.